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Autism Response Team, Inc.  (A.R.T.), provides educationally based behavioral intervention to children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or various other developmental disabilities. The Adaptive Skills Training Program offered by A.R.T. targets development of social awareness/appropriateness, community integration, functional and pragmatic communication, and independency.

Mission Statement

The agency is dedicated to providing clinically sound adaptive and social skills training in a natural environment.

Autism Response Team, Inc. is committed to implement effective services that establish a strong connection between the individual and surrounding community


ART Services

Autism Response Team, Inc. offers an Adaptive Skills Training Program (AST) which is designed to enable individuals with disability to participate in life’s activities across home, work, community and educational settings. Individuals with disability may lack functional skills to fully participate in the full range of everyday activities. This is either because the skills necessary for such occasions are not acquired or that there may be performance and fluency difficulty. Autism Response Team, Inc.  will carefully craft an assessment-based intervention to address these issues, and thus, increase the functioning of individuals with disability in their daily life.

Services will be provided in natural environments. Thus, services will be provided at the individual’s home, community, work place and any social functions (church, etc.) that the parents or the individual himself/herself wants to function better. Assessment and some supervision/consultation meeting with staff and family may also take place at the office or RC.


16-Hour Parent Education Groups

As a part of the clinician-parent partnership model of intervention, ART offers a 16-hour Parent Education Group in ABA before any behavioral treatment takes place. ART prepares parents for treatment by giving them the initial tools to make their participation and involvement with the ABA program more effective. The training occurs at one of ART’s offices, conveniently located close to the Regional Centers. During the 16-hour workshop, parents acquire knowledge about a broad variety of topics including:
  • How autism and other neurological anomalies impact the trajectory of children’s development. The clinical definition of an intensive ABA program; which includes, discrete trial training (DTT) pivotal response training (PRT), and verbal behavior (VB) programs.
  • The applications of Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, and Verbal Behavior programs. Applied Behavior Analysis as the treatment of choice for closing the gap between typical and atypical development (findings of National Standard Project). The principles of reinforcement and punishment. The definitions of motivating operations and abolishing operations. The four functions of behavior. Antecedent and consequence strategies of intervention. Managing behaviors at home and in the community. The impact of having a child with autism or other special needs on parents and care providers and discussion of a variety of coping styles.


The soundness of any intervention begins with a thorough and accurate assessment. ART utilizes a variety of assessment tools depending on the age and the needs of each individual. The assessor creates a function-based behavioral intervention as well as developmentally appropriate treatment program based on this assessment. This results in an accurate road map to guide families through the child’s intervention program.

Infant Development Programs

Research clearly shows that early intervention achieves better outcomes for the vast majority of cases. ART’s infant development program is designed to achieve better outcomes as early as possible when the behavior differences between a typical and an atypical child are still modest. It is easier to close a narrower gap of development than a wider gap. ART’s infant development program provides a comprehensive, inclusive, and multi-modal approach to the assessment and treatment of infants. ART collaborates with families to address the emotional and developmental considerations that an infant with special needs may face. ART creates a positive and nurturing environment for infants to experience life-altering engagement with their families. Assessment and intervention strategies are provided by speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists and are implemented by our experienced early interventionists.

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North Texas Addison Clinic

Servicing Addison, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Farmers Branch, Irving

14675 Midway Rd #208Addison, TX 75001

East Texas Tyler Clinic

Servicing Tyler, Longview, and all surrounding areas

120 E South Town Dr, Tyler, TX 75703



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North Texas Addison Clinic

Servicing Addison, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Farmers Branch, Irving

14675 Midway Rd #208Addison, TX 75001


East Texas Tyler Clinic

Servicing Tyler, Longview, and all surrounding areas

120 E South Town Dr, Tyler, TX 75703